Reel song is recognition by canti


Storyboard Animatic

Thesis Install

My senior thesis project for graduation. This animation expresses the complexity of asexual relationships using visual narrative and metaphor. While unfinished, Bottled runs at 8:38 and exhausts all aspects of the production pipeline, entirely done by myself.


The songs in the animatic are just placeholders and are not owned by me, you can find them by searching the following:

Oyoste Aina - Takagi Masakatsu

Music for a Found Harmonium - Patrick Street

Ame Tsuchi Hito Inu - Takagi Masakatsu

Backseat Storyboard Animatic

A current pre-production version of a music video that visually interprets the feeling of mixed signals and feared rejection.

Song is Backseat by Little India.

The Real World

 Experimenting with multi-media, The Real World is a combination of Flash animation and water color stop motion. 


EXTINCTION is an augmented reality animation that satirizes the effects that climate change has on endangered animals. Scan the card with your phone using the Aurasma app and the animation appears!

Spillage Campaign

Spillage is a collaborative, environmental campaign against oil pipelines and offshore drilling. View the full campaign at to see the art gallery, information about the resistance, and meet the other artists! Won an award for Best Animation/Experimental Film at Maine College of Art's annual Film Fest in 2017.


 My final for Character Animation class in the spring of 2016. Smeavle is an underground badger caught in the beauty of familiarity.